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WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps on the market, if not the most popular. The app has over one billion monthly active users, and because of its immense user base WhatsApp started posing a threat to every social media app, even to Facebook, and for that reason Facebook has decided to acquire the app back in 2014 for the whopping sum of $19.3 billion. One of the reason the app has such a huge user base is because it’s available on all possible platforms from Android to iOS and even Symbian.

Ever since the app has been acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp has evolved completely. The app used to be a simple network based text chatting service. Facebook has rolled out updates almost every month, and not any of the platforms has been left out, all of them received regular updates that included security updates, bug fixes and new and exciting features.

The newest feature WhatsApp is going to add is video calling. WhatsApp has just joined its rival Snapchat and WeChat and is giving its users the ability to do video calls. This has been requested by WhatsApp users for a long while now, and WhatsApp developers have taken note of that and they delivered. The addition of video calling is surely going to help WhatsApp grow its user base ever bigger than it is right, some are even considering that this new video calling feature is a direct shot to Apple since they have their FaceTime, which is available only for iOS 9 onwards. The reason why WhatsApp is going to take some of Apple’s customers is because it’s available on older versions of operating systems, not just the latest ones.

The new video calling feature is going to be available for Android, Microsoft’s Windows and on Apple’s iOS powered devices for the moment.

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