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Being a free, multi-platform messaging app, WhatsApp messenger is used in more than 180 countries with over 1 billion users and is considered the most popular instant messenger app today. Aside from allowing messages to be sent for free internationally, what makes WhatsApp one of the most downloaded apps is that it does not only work on Android phones and iPhones, but also, it can be installed in most Nokia phones, including models in the Asha series,

While downloading to smartphones with higher versions of Android OS is easily done by simply going to Google Play Store and choosing the icon of the app, installing WhatsApp messenger on Nokia Asha phones require a different process. And while WhatsApp developers will stop supporting some phones by December 31, 2016, including Nokia Asha phones, Symbian S60, Blackberry and iPhone 3G, there is still enough time for Nokia Asha owners to make the most of the app.

How to Download WhatsApp on Nokia Asha

Nokia Asha belongs to Nokia S40 series and downloading WhatsApp on Asha phones is different from the steps in installing this messaging app on Android phones. For a Nokia Asha owner to have WhatsApp working on the phone, there should be internet connection. To directly download the app from tehwebsite, the steps are simple. First, go to the web browser and open the URL You will be directed to the download page and there will be instructions and prompts that you have to follow to setup the WhatsApp account. People in your contact list who are also users of the messaging app will be automatically added to your WhatsApp contact list while the other contacts can be added manually in the future. Once the download is complete, you can now enjoy the features of this instant messenger app.

WhatsApp messenger was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion and since then, there had been several updates and improvements on the app. They have added other features that users can now enjoy. These include editing of picture messages, sending of GIFs for iOS, tagging members of the groupchat and formatting of fonts.

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