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WhatsApp is by far the most popular instant messaging application available across all operating systems for mobile devices, and regardless of your platform of choice, you most likely have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone right now. However, there are some that just can’t get through with only having WhatsApp on their phones, and it would help them out tremendously if they could install it on their tablets as well, boosting the comfort level by quite a bit. Unfortunately, WhatsApp is still not supported officially on tablets, meaning that if people try and go to the PlayStore or AppStore on their tablets to download WhatsApp, they will fail. There is a way around this issue, and it couldn’t be any easier.

The first thing any WhatsApp users need to take into consideration before attempting to get the service working on their tablets, is that there is a price pay, literally. You will be required to go out and buy a new SIM card which you would insert in your tablet, with a new number and everything. The reason for this is that WhatsApp only allows one mobile number to be linked with a specific device at any given time, meaning that you can’t use your phone number for both the smartphone WhatsApp and the tablet WhatsApp. The easiest solution is to buy a new SIM card and copy over all your contacts. You wouldn’t have to ever use the new number, you just need it to put on a show for WhatsApp.

Next thing to do is to download WhatsApp on your tablet, but to avoid the error we talked about earlier, you need to download it in the form of an APK (mobile app installation file). Once the APK is on your tablet, go ahead and install WhatsApp, then complete the registration process, only this time use the new number instead of your regular number.

That should be it, as you now have a functioning WhatsApp client on your tablet device, with all your contacts secured.