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It seems that the Video Calling feature is now available for all users that have installed the latest WhatsApp version on their iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.

Once you will install the latest WhatsApp version on your smartphone, you will see a new option that will allow you to make Video Calls to your friends and family member, who also have installed the latest WhatsApp version on their devices.

It is good to know that this new feature is the second addition that has been released on WhatsApp in the last few weeks. We remind you that at the end of October, the application has received a feature that allows you to draw on images that you’re about to send to your WhatsApp friends. However, this feature has been inspired from other applications such as Instagram, Snapchat and iMessage, so we’re pretty sure that you’ve already seen it before.

However, it seems that WhatsApp is not the only social application that “steals” features from its rivals. We remind you that Instagram has added Stories earlier this year, which is a feature that was inspired from Snapchat. At the same time, Google has released two communications applications called Google Allo (smart messaging) and Google Duo (video calling).

On the other hand, Facebook has added “Live Video” to Messenger which allows you to send a silent stream of what you are doing at any moment of the day or night. This new feature is used not only by normal users, but also by celebrities.

More new features are expected to be released on WhatsApp sometime in the next few months. Currently, we are not sure what exactly the developers are working on, but as soon as we will find out, we will inform you.

Have you used the Video Calling feature on WhatsApp? Tell us your thoughts about it!

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