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Skype has released a new update, this time pushing the app to build number The new iteration contains some improvements and is available for download.

Skype is well known across the communications spectrum as a reliable partner that won’t let you down when you need a solid way to communicate. Whether you want to share important ideas across to your business collaborators or just say Hi to your friends and family, Skype provides the means to do so without interruptions.

The variety of features available makes it so that Skype users always have a solution, whether we’re talking about international calls, group chat and group calls, or mobile video calls for that matter. All these and more are available with the newest version of Skype,

The app still has room to improve however, as it currently doesn’t provide an option for video groups, in a similar manner that it does chat groups, and  also lacks in some other features, or feature details, which could considerably boost its image as a top tier solution, especially in today’s market where so many good social internet based communications apps make their presence known.

The new Skype brings improvements in multiple departments, and while Skype as a whole can still pump out updates effectively, it managed to pretty much nail some of its features. You can expect fast  search results and contact discovery based on simple criteria, free internet communications as well as mobile and landline calls available for considerably lower prices.  Skype has both a PC and a mobile version, meaning that users of the application on one platform might want to use Skype on the other operating system as well, to better improve functionality and sync between the two devices.