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Sony has launched its the $399 PS4 Pro console last month with firmware version 3.70, but in short time, it updated it to version 4.00, which introduced new features such as High Dynamic Range. The third update came on October 25, promising to improve the quality of the system performance, but users who installed version 4.05 have complained that the video signal was blocked to a 4K TV.

Many PS4 Pro users have reported that after installing the latest firmware, their console no longer displayed a video signal on certain 4K TVs, and they’ve panicked because they thought that the device has been bricked. Thankfully, Reddit user “Bravo514” who experienced the same problem on his Vizio D Series 4K TV has found a solution and he shared it with other PS4 Pro users. Here are the steps that must be taken in order to fix the issue caused by firmware version 4.05:

– Users must turn off their PS4 Pro, then plug the HDMI lead into the 4K 60hz port on their TV;
– The TV must be turned on, then users will hold down the power button on their console until it beeps twice to enter Safe Mode;
– The HDCP setting will be changed to 1.4 only;
– The console will restart and it will probably still have no signal, so users will turn it off again to get back to Safe Mode;
– Before restarting the PS4 Pro, users will choose change its resolution and if the console still has no signal after being restarted, they will return to Safe Mode and change HDCP to automatic;
– Then, when the console will restart and users will see an image, they will choose the yuv420 option. This should fix the signal issue.

Another Reddit user named “biostang” has reported that when he used the console in in 1080p on the 4K/60hz input, he experienced a blank screen “for a few seconds every ten minutes.” Most likely, Sony will release a new update soon to fix the problem that affects especially TVs manufactured by LG, Hisense and Vizio.