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Niantic’s augmented reality game is expected to receive a big update soon, as there are many leaks on the internet regarding evolutions, max CP chart, egg chart, or the generation 2 starter Pokemon. Otakukart has reported that the developer has confirmed the arrival of 3D models from Pokemon X and Y, and fans have just had their first look at the leaked models that haven’t been confirmed by Niantic yet.

It seems that the 3D models are for Chikorita, with evolution from Bayleef to Meganium; Cyndaquil, with evolution from Quilava to Typhlosion; and Totodile with evolution from Croconaw to Feraligatr, respectively. Also, based on the leaked max Combat Points chart for the mentioned three Pokemon, apparently, Chikorita will have 1024, Bayleef – 1554 CP and Meganium – 2484 CP. Also, Cyndaquil will receive 955 CP, Quilava – 1557 CP and Typhlosion will receive 2602 CP. As for the final forms, these are the combat points that they will receive: Totodile – 1066, Croconaw – 1651 and Feraligatr – 2678.

Gamers who want to take a look at the max CP chart for generation 2 Pokemon can go to otakukart, where they will be able to check even the Legendary Pokemon. Gamenguide has also reported that Niantic will introduce PvP battles (player-v-player) and Pokemon Go spokesperson told fans to wait for more information on the Legendary Pokemon, Ditto and Nearby feature.

According to the latest reports, the next Pokemon GO event will kick off this weekend and it will end on November 23, before Thanksgiving begins. The event will take place in three important areas in Japan: Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture, where the spawn rates of the Pokemon Lapras have been increased substantially. The local economy of these areas has been affected especially by the 2011 Tsunami and this is a good opportunity for fans to forget about their problems and get more involved in the game.