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OnePlus has become a competitive force in the smartphone industry, its devices rivaling the flagships of top tier manufacturers such as Samsung or Apple. This has brought them critical acclaim and also brought them in the attention of both the media and smartphone users alike. Therefore, anytime something new happens in the OnePlus base, the fans will be interested in hearing about it. The company released a very successful smartphone this year in the form of the OnePlus 3, which offered a ton of great premium features at a much more convenient price than that of its direct competitors, followed up with a variation of the OnePlus 3, called the OnePlus3T, which maintained most of the specifications of the original device, but brought some improvements as well.

The next device line, namely the OnePlus 4, has started to make small appearances as fresh rumors begin to spread about the yet officially unannounced handset. Sources speculate that the device will feature an interesting feature that has only recently begun to gain popularity, specifically the dual rear camera setup. The device will apparently garn two cameras on the back panel, as did other top released devices, one of them being the iPhone 7 Plus. This hyped fans up quite a bit, considering OnePlus’ tendency to offer market competitive feature for considerably lower price tags. This means that people would be able to acquire such extravagant features without flashing the same amount they would for a brand new iPhone 7 Plus.

Other specifications rumored to be featured in the OnePlus 4 smartphone are a Snapdragon 830 processing unit, 8 GB of RAM in terms of memory, and a 5.3 inch screen with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440. Until more details can be verified about the newest OnePlus handset which hasn’t been officially announced yet, fans will have to use their imaginations as to what other cool features the device might have.

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