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The small Exploration Update also known as the Minecraft 1.11 Update has just been rolled out by Mojang, and it’s getting distributed using the game’s launcher. This might be the fastest patch to jump from development to fully launching, it only took Mojang six days to develop and roll out the patch.

The Exploration Update patch has been unveiled at Minecon in 2016, that was two months ago and for that reason everyone knew about the big changes the patch is going to bring, but only right now we can see all the new features and bug fixes that’s going to improve the game experience. Taking in consideration the fact that 2016 is coming to an end, this might be the last important content update Minecraft is going to receive this year.

The update has included hundreds of bug fixes to improve the game experience, mobs have received different stat tweaks like the skeletons and villagers, and new mobs have been added such as Shulkers and Illagers for example. One overlooked update is the chat client update, the character limit has been increased to 256.

The game is going to receive a bunch of new features and most of them have been over looked by fans. Let’s take a look over the newly implemented game features.

Cursed Enchantments

A big number of cursed enchantments have been implemented in the game. We have compiled some of them in a list so you can get an idea of what’s coming. The following curses have been implemented: Curse of Binding, Curse of Vanishing and Cursed enchantments.

Minor changes

First of all, the hunger rate has been reduced for everything, only healing has remained untouched. The rate that Skeletal Rider spawn has been reduced as well. New chat warnings have been added including text lines like “You can only sleep at night”.