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Adobe is constantly updating its Flash Player to ensure users get the best experience at a highly secure level. Not too long ago, Adobe released a critical security update for its Flash Player program. The update addressed major problems the application had. These issues left users vulnerable to hackers taking over their computer systems. The update provided a solution, and people were urged to download it immediately.

There are a plethora of articles on the Internet about Adobe Flash Player’s security problems. And, in many of these articles, people had been asked to update the plug-in. The problem lies in the lack of understanding people have about this and other plug-ins. When you get a pop-up that states you need the latest version, you need to make sure first that you don’t already have it. You don’t just want to click on pop-up because it could be a virus.

A plug-in is a software element that Internet browsers use to show certain kinds of content like Flash and Java. These elements are seen in the browser all the time. If you don’t have these plug-ins to view the content, you may need to get it.

Now, Adobe Flash is regarded as an extremely popular plugin that most Internet browsers use. It’s compatible with nearly all operating systems and multi-platform software applications. It brings you Active Content, which is incorporated into your Internet browser, which gives you the chance to watch interactive media through the browser without problems.

It’s not easy to know if the Adobe Flash player you have is current or not, but it’s important you know if you do have it to minimize the risk of security problems. How can you find out if the version of Adobe Flash Player is the most current?

  • Safari – Go to Menu and bring up Help. Choose Installed Plugins, which opens a new website and shows you what plugins you have installed and the versions.
  • Firefox – Bring up Main Menu and find Tools. Choose Add-ons and hit the Plugins tab.
  • Google Chrome – Users don’t have to concern themselves with this since Adobe Flash Player is automatically updated each time a new version is released.

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