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The iPad Mini 5, also referred to as the iPad Pro Mini, is one of the most anticipated devices that Apple is currently working on. The device has caught quite the commotion and a massive hype train started rolling in the wake of rumors regarding the device. Some were absolutely convinced that the new Apple tablet will be unveiled at the “ Hello Again” event that was recently held by  Mac maker, but the even came and went with no clues as to when can people expect the release of the iPad Pro Mini.

Sourced from all over claim now that the mini tablet will follow one of Apple’s release patterns, and that users will be able to see it take physical form sometime in March of 2017. The reasoning behind these speculations is the fact that the last iPad was released by Apple in March as well, during an event that has been scheduled for another show next year. Fans now believe that this upcoming event is where they will find out more regarding Apple’s newest installment in the iPad Mini series.

As far as speculations go, there are some rumors flying around, about what Apple has put inside the iPad Pro Mini. According to these rumors, fans will benefit from the power of the Retina Display technology that the company is known for, in the form of a 7.9 inch IPS screen. Further on, it seems like the iPad Pro Mini could be using the A9/M9 processor combo and at least 32 GB of internal storage. The tablet will also have some high end features such as 3D Touch and a camera combo consisting of an 8 MP lens on the rear of the handset and a 1.2 MP front panel shooter.

With the specified event taking place in March 2017, even if all the rumors concerning the device specs are true, iPad Pro Mini enthusiasts still have to wait bit longer before they can get their treat.