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Since Google Earth became available for personal and home use, it has allowed people explore the Earth and have a virtual view of the world at the convenience of their homes. This virtual globe made it possible to have an oblique view of the surface of the earth in 2D and 3D images and allowed users to create and edit maps that can be posted on the internet.

The other version of the Google Earth came out, the Google Earth Pro that used to be a paid geobrowser but eventually offered for free. This one has the basic features of the former but also has other capabilities that business owners can use, such as importing data, such as, demographic, traffic and historical that can be useful to solve property disputes.

Downloading Procedure for Mac and PCs

The first step is to go to the homepage of Google Earth and click on Explore under the tab that says Google Earth Pro. Search for the download button found on the right hand side of the screen. For Windows users, open the .EXE file installer and choose to install the latest Google Earth version.

Meanwhile, for MAC users, open a DMG file and then run a PKG installer. While you can stick with the default settings, it is also possible to customize the settings if you are familiar with doing such.

After installation, sign in in order to use the application.  For first time registration, email address and the license key needs to be supplied. In order to do this, sing in with the email and the license key “GEPFREE”. You can also select the box that says, “Enable automatic login” for signing in instantenously when you turn on the computer and internet connection.

Signing in for Google Earth is also possible by using your Google account that gives you automatic access to whatever content you have already in your Google Earth account previously. Ensure to download the latest version of Google Earth Pro to take advantage of better features.

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