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Mozilla has updated its Firefox browser, which was bumped to version 50. This update came a week later than expected, but that’s because the developers had to improve startup times, but they’ve also included new keyboard shortcuts and download protection for more executable file types.

If you’re using a computer that runs on Windows, MacOS or Linux, then you can download the latest version of Firefox on However, if you’ve previously installed this browser, it will be upgraded automatically to version 50, which should have rolled out on November 8, but due to some problems with the SDK module system, which was “a performance disaster,” Mozilla has delayed its release. After all issues have been addressed, the startup time has been improved and now Firefox no longer takes a long time to start up.

Also, the browser has download protection for more executable file types, but it will reject stylesheets, images, or scripts, if their type will not match the context in which the file is loaded. In addition, you’ll find very useful the two new keyboard shortcut options: Ctrl+Tab to set a preference, and Ctrl+Alt+R to open the page in Reader Mode.

According to the Firefox 50 changelog, the browser has received various security fixes; Guarani (gn) locale was added; the availability of WebGL was increased to more than 98 percent of users on Windows 7 and newer; option to Find in page has been added and it allows users to limit search to whole words only; Mozilla has fixed rendering of dashed and dotted borders with rounded corners (border-radius); versions of libavcodec older than 54.35.1 have been blocked; operating systems without native Emoji fonts have received a built-in Emoji set and playback video is supported on more sites without plugins with WebM EME Support for Widevine on Windows and Mac.

Firefox for Android has only added support for HLS videos via player overlay, and it combined Recent Tabs and History panels to simplify the user interface.