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Fallout 4 has just received the “Nuka-World” final DLC and reports say that Bethesda is now able to focus on other projects. Fans believe that the studios will pay more attention to the much-awaited “The Elder Scrolls 6”, but there are chances that “Fallout 5” will be released first.

Bethesda has declared that the development of “The Elder Scrolls 6” won’t start very soon, which means that it has more time to work on “Fallout 4’s” sequel. We know for sure that there will be a “Fallout 5”, because eight months ago, game voice actor Ryan Alosio has hinted that the studios will bring a successor, revealing that pre-production for the game has already started. But because the main character, Deacon, whose voice belongs to Alosio, happens to be “a notorious liar, prankster and dissembler in the world of Fallout”, Frag Hero said that this was a prank. However, fans took it seriously and started distributing Alosio’s post.

Even if the information was dismantled, rumors about Fallout 5 continued to surface online. The latest reports claim that the sequel will be released for the next-generation gaming platforms PS5 and Xbox Two, which won’t arrive sooner than 2020. There will be introduced new characters, new gaming modes and a new location, maybe New York or Japan. However, other websites suggest that the upcoming game will take place in New Orleans.

Unfortunately, Bethesda doesn’t want to make any statements about its future projects, preferring to secretly work on its games, then to make the announcements on the last minute. We remind you that Fallout 4 has just received the “Nuka World” DLC pack and this is the latest DLC released by the studio. A few days ago was released updated 1.8, which released bugs found in the game, and it also included a creation kit that will be used by players to create mods.