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Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s direct response to the popular instant messaging applications that envelope the social plane of mobile internet. Such applications are WhatsApp and Snapchat, the latter being more of a photo-based social app, but a social app nonetheless.

Facebook Messenger manages to take all the features available on the desktop version of the service and nicely incorporate them on the mobile platform, making everything fir on a significantly smaller smartphone screen. You have all your basic text options as well as file sharing features and a wide selection of emojis and emoji packs, complemented by stickers and as of recently, GIFs, to fully customize your texting experience and to make sure that the contact on the receiving end gets the full extent of every statement, and something extra.

The newest version of the app brings new features to the table, enhancing Messenger even further with elements fans have been waiting for. Let’s take a look at what users can expect from the version of the Facebook Messenger APK, which is out now.
• Involve all your friends in the discussion with the newly added group chat feature and keep everyone in the loop.
• Prepare your epic chat moment with the new photo preview options that let you check what you’re about to send in detail, before you send it, without leaving the chat screen.
• Leave a voice message for when your friend is available, and let them know your thoughts on the go.