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Android 7.1 Nougat is the latest version of Google’s operating system. It brings forth a lot of new features that improve on what its predecessors have built, but also fix what wasn’t up to par in previous iterations. Some of the things that smartphone savvy people are waiting for are the new animations and notification system, which not only saves up screen space, but also helps you organize notifications into groups based on the related app. The user interface all together faced an overhaul, going for an even smoother and more simplistic look than before, especially on Google smartphones that make good use of that pure Android experience.

As the official release for Android 7.1 Nougat is still in the air, Android smartphone users are turning to CyanogenMod, which comes as a saving grace in a time of need, with its ROM offering people the 7.1 Nougat experience ahead of time.

The OS is reportedly updated on the clock, with a new wave of bug fixes and added features being delivered every 24 hours. This is good news for those trying out the firmware, as they can pretty much get a better experience every day. The newest Android installment also improves multitasking capabilities, as well image quality for high end demanding applications, like games and VR, thanks to the added support for the Vulkan API, which greatly enhances these processes. Other existing features such as the Doze feature from Marshmallow have been remodeled into a much better end product, in this case the Doze on the Go feature, which takes a favorable spin on the aforementioned function.

While the official release date for Android 7.1 Nougat is leaving Android enthusiasts to speculate, those who truly want the Nougat experience now, can do so.