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As December is getting closer everybody is expecting Clash of Clans to receive the new Christmas update. Supercell is aware of that and they started teasing out the Christmas event by setting up trees all around villages. The new update will bring new features and design changes to make game experience fit the Christmas theme.

December Event

Supercell has decided to remain silent regarding details of the upcoming Christmas Event for Clash of Clans. The game’s community is still not entirely sure if Supercell is going to actually bring a December event to the game, but the fact that Supercell started sprouting out Christmas trees all around the Clash of Clans villages, confirms to us that they are actually teasing with what’s to come.

New Features

Before December comes Supercell is rolling out a new set of updates to the game. The features included in this update are mostly balancing tweaks. The update is going to contain a new level 9 air defense and the long awaited sea creatures and shipyard. The addition of sea creatures and the shipyard means that Clash of Clans will have a new water level were the player can actually use the sea creatures. The most important new feature that will be added is the Goblin vs. Wizard battle.

The shipyard is will be available at Town Hall 4 for 50,000 gold and it will give the player daily quests that are going to include pirates which raid towns and grab gems. Regarding the balance tweaks the air defense will now be available only in Town Hall 11.

Reports are pointing out the fact that the Barbarian King Statue might be also included in the upgrade and it will cost 500 gems or if the players decides to buy a gem package he will also receive the Red Barbarian King and Red Archer Queen for free.

Clash of Clans players can expect the new update to become available the day before Christmas comes.

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