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WhatsApp has a massive monthly active user base of over one billion people, and because of the new updates and features WhatsApp is constantly releasing helps the app grow even more. Because of its user base the app posed a real threat to the social media conglomerate Facebook, then it was acquired for $19.3 billion.

Facebook just announced that they are releasing the FaceTime feature for WhatsApp in order to keep the active user base growing, and to be able to compete with Aplles’ iOS FaceTime. Apple already supports FaceTime on their iOS powered devices.

Users of WhatsApp can use the feature by tapping the call button that is situated in the top right corner of a conversation, and selecting video call from the options menu. The user interface is pretty simple and it has options such as switching between the front and rear camera, muting the call or hanging up.

Even though WhatsApp already supports all standard communications, the feature requested the most by its user is video calling. Implementing the new video call option, WhatsApp started competing with Google Duo, Viber, Line and Apple’s FaceTime.

This seems to be a direct shot to Apple’s FaceTime and Google’s Duo. WhatsApp has an edge over their competition because their app works on older versions of operating systems, unlike Apple’s FaceTime that is compatible only with iOS 9 and up. Google Duo is also available only to Android Jelly Bean OS and up.

The video calling feature is available only for the developer beta version of WhatsApp, but that’s going to change because the update is going to be rolled out to all WhatsApp versions soon enough. Video calling is not the only feature that the upcoming update is going to bring, another feature to be implemented in WhatsApp is the two-factor authentication. This new security addition is going to make user accounts more secure than they were before