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Microsoft has made a name for itself as being a company that is always working on something, and there is always something being developed. Even if Microsoft seems to have a busy period ahead with everything Windows related, with updates and releases already fixture for 2017, they  have still found resources to allocate to a smaller, yet equally important project for some, which is the Linux version of Skype.

The Linux compatible Skype is still under heavy development, as it isn’t even sufficiently advanced to get rid of the “alpha” label. Microsoft is looking into a Windows- style feedback structure, similar to what they had with the Windows Insiders initiative.

The latest update, which was version 1.12, dealt with some minor features such as implementing the hostless call system, which prevents a call from ending when the group call host leaves, and also improved support for account switching when dealing with Microsoft Account. Other changes included in this update were related to maintenance and bug squashing. Microsoft is aiming at getting rid of all the problems you might have experienced with Skype in the past, smoothing out the entire experience.

Although it seems to be a very slow (and painful) process for those Linux users that are eagerly waiting for the latest Skype updates to drop on their platform, it makes sure that Microsoft’s service is more versatile and covers a wider range of consumers, not just those that use Microsoft Windows on PC.