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Microsoft’s Windows 10 anniversary update is said to be the safest and most secure version, with updated features, particularly designed to protect Windows computers from ransomware, and other cybersecurity threats. But does the Windows update really have what it takes to keep ransomware and other malicious software out?

In a white paper Ransomware Protection in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft claimed that computers running on Windows 10 are less likely to be hit by ransomware by as much as 58%, compared with those still using Windows 7. Whether or not this is a ploy to get everyone to update to Windows 10, which a lot of people are reluctant to do, Microsoft presented some serious features to back up their claims.

According to director of program management, Windows Enterprises and Security, Rob Lefferts, Microsoft has come up with ways to fight back against ransomware that he outlined in a blog post. Leffert said that they made it harder for threat actors to exploit Microsoft Edge and Windows 10, by beefing up security with its browser and browser-related plugins. Because the company is aware that ransomware is often delivered through email attachments, Microsoft has also increased its email services’ detection and blocking capability. When more ransomware-related attachments are blocked, a computer system stays safe.

Windows Defender has also been improved, with the addition of new technology that reduces threat-detection time in seconds. This results in a faster response time, preventing infection in the process. Microsoft also released the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, a new enterprise-based service that detects, investigates and responds to targeted attacks. When combined with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, it’ll be easier to investigate and respond to a case of ransomware attack.

In addition, Microsoft has applied a cloud-based approach and machine-learning infrastructure for anti-ransomware efforts. The technology is designed to identify, classify and protect a machine against ransomware attacks within seconds, instead of hours.

In a report, Microsoft said that “the ways attackers are executing attacks are becoming more complex, and the results of the attack are becoming increasingly costly to its victims”.

On a lighter note, Microsoft also released Minecraft Pocket update with bug fixes.