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On October 25, a patch for Minecraft was released for consoles, including Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4). Per usual, the update contained more or less the same content but with a few differences. Here’s what you need to know:

Release Date

All patches were released on October 25. The consoles the patches were released to include Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation and the Wii.

Patch Versions

The patch for the Xbox One was CU 34 where CU stands for Content Update (Xbox 360 uses Title Update or TU). On the other hand, the patch for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita was 1.37. Lastly, Wii received Patch 14.


Additions form one part of patch updates, and for the October 25 release, these were the latest additions:

  • Halloween Battle Map
  • Campfire Tales Skin Pack
  • Battle Map Pack 4

The update was rolled out a few days before Halloween so it came as no surprise that it contained a Halloween-related item.

Bug fixes

Bug fixes comprise the other part of patch updates, and there were quite a few for the October 25 release. This is also where the difference across consoles was found: there were some fixes in one that wasn’t in the other. To be precise, there was one fix from each the PS4 and Xbox One that wasn’t done on the other, and these are:

  • A fix that corrected “Gray” to “Gary” for Banner patterns in the UK (this was an error on the Xbox)
  • A fix for MCCE-2420 which is related to Sub Account Content Restriction (this was made on PS4 only). The MCCE-2420 bug that affected the PlayStation 4 platform. A report for the bug was filed on September 13 and was resolved on October 5.

The person who reported to bug stated that he discovered it when his child wasn’t able to play Minecraft after two updates. According to the one who reported the bug, Minecraft kept freezing when Play Game from the main menu was chosen. He then found that in order for the game to work on his child’s account, the “Content Restriction” setting had to be turned OFF. However, doing so means that his child would have access to content meant for older audiences and that was a major issue. This issue is now fixed with the PlayStation patch version 1.37.

The other bug fixes were similar across all consoles and mostly concerned game play. Here’s a few of them:

  • A fix for missing or incorrect tooltips when different blocks and entities are looked at.
  • A fix that makes Endermen non-hostile when a player makes eye contact.
  • A fix that for a crash that occurs when the Ender Dragon attacks Zombies.

A couple of fixes were also made for reported bugs, and these include:

  • MCCE 2521: shears didn’t break web blocks into Web block drop
  • MCCE 2505: a crash occurs when a Guardian is knocked from a height great enough to cause its death
  • MCCE 2478: wrong texture for Oak and Iron Door items in Inventory

Although Minecraft runs on several consoles, patch releases will more or less have similarities and differences. This is what’s seen here and what will happen for future patch updates.