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If you’re wondering when Java 9 will be released, it won’t be until March 2017, making Java 8 the latest stable version available. However, despite its stable release, patches are occasionally released to deal with situations as they arise.

Java SE 8u102 I s the latest security release and is a patch-set update. What does that mean? It means that all the important issues and features seen in Java SE 8u101 are included in the 102 version. And, 8u102 addressed issues with 8u101.

Here’s a bit of information about the 8u102 Update

  • The complete version is noted as being 8.0_102-b14
  • The release’s name is 8u102
  • It includes IANA time zone information version 2016d, with the following changes:
  • Converting America/Caracas from -0430 to -04.
  • Converting Asia/Magadan from +10 to +11.
  • Adding new Zone Asia/Tomsk, breaking away from Asia/Novosibirsk. It envelopes Tomsk Oblast, Russia and changes from +06 to +07.
  • Adding new zone Europe/Kirov, breaking away from Europe Volgograd. It envelopes Kirov Oblast, Russia and changes from +04/+05 to +03/+04.
  • Fixing historical time in Kazakhstan from 1991-2005. Replaces Kazakhstan’s invented time zone abbreviations with numeric abbreviations.

Expiration Date For JRE

Java Runtime Environment or JRE ends when there’s a release available that includes security vulnerabilities repairs. These important patches tend to be announced a year ahead of time and are available through Security Alerts, Third Party Bulletin and Critical Patch Updates on the Oracle site. JRE version 8u102 was set to expire in October 2016.

However, should something happen and that update not be released, a second tool will ensure the JRE expires on Nov. 19. After this date, users will receive warnings that they need to update to the newest version of JRE.

Many applications use Java, and when there are any security updates, it’s important to install them. It’s the surefire way to ensure product safety and people’s security.

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