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A new Google Play Store is being introduced, and it’s offering up several changes.  While it may not be a lot to users, they do the change how your experience is like in the Play Store.

The 7.1 version of Google Play Store has a much rounder launcher icon, aligning with the icons seen on the Pixel Launcher of the soon-to-be-released Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones A gift/promotion icon was also included in the update.

The launcher icon changes won’t have an impact on Android users. However, if users decided to get the Pixel Launcher app or purchase a Google Smartphone, the difference will be seen.

Launcher shortcuts were added, which enables users to get into downloaded apps.  These shortcuts provide users with an easy way to learn when updates are made available and attain support for UHD and 4K content in the Play Store. If TV shows or movies are in 4K, users can rent or purchase them via the launcher.

Bear in mind that Google Play Store updates tend to roll out in stages, which means it’ll be done in a slower capacity than normal. Should your device not update to the latest Play Store, you can get the newest APK file for it.

How You Can Download and Install the APK File For Google Play Store

  • In your device, go to Settings, Security and enable Unknown Sources
  • Download the 7.1APK file for Google Play from a trustworthy site
  • Once the file has been downloaded, begin the process of installation
  • After you’ve done this, be sure to see if you have the latest update to the Store

Chances are this is the latest update for Google Play Store in 2016, but you’re liable to see more changes in 2017.