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Smartphones root themselves into our daily routine more and more globally, and Google is at the center of it all. If you are using a mobile device, be it smartphone or tablet, then there are high chances for you to be using Google services. One of these services is the Google Play Store, and several users have reported that their phones would give out an error when trying to connect to Google Play. The error would read “Google Play Authentication is required”, which left most of them perplexed.

This is not a hard error to fix however, so in this article we’ll be going over the solutions which will help you get rid of the error. While some may find success with the very first one, others might have to check out the others as well, so don’t give up if it doesn’t look bright from the beginning.

Remove Google from your accounts

This is easy to do, as the only thing required is that you go to the Settings section in your phone and look for the Accounts option. There, you will find a list of all the accounts that are linked with your mobile device, which should also include Google Play. Simply remove the Google account from the list. After you add it back, the problem should be fixed, but if it’s not, then keep reading.

Clear Play data

The next thing you could try is to clear your Google Play data the same way you would clear your phone’s data. Simply go over to the Applications section in your phone’s Settings, and look for the Google Play process. Then choose the option of clearing the app’s data.

Last resort

If none of these methods worked for you, then it’s time to pull out the big guns and remove the Google Play Store Updates completely, as one of the main reasons why this error occurs is that users try to open it during an update.  There is an Applications section in the Google Play settings. From there, you can uninstall the updates, then simply download the latest version of Google Play.

Where one method might fail, all three are guaranteed to make Google Play usable on your device again.