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Google has finally revamped its Play Music app, changing its interface and the way search and recommendations are discovered. The update is now rolling out to Android, iOS and the web and it uses Google’s improved machine learning technology, which is able to figure out what music people like, creating a personalized music playback based on user’s location, current activity or even the weather.

According to Google, its new machine learning tool will help the company discover more about its users, without putting their privacy to risk. Moreover, the listeners will be able to opt in to the service, then Google will start delivering personalized music based on their location and what other songs they are listening to, so they can relax at home, be efficient at work, or to not get bored while exploring new cities or flying.

Google has also revamped the interface that will help the Play Music users to discover new music more easily. They will notice the couple of panels on the home screen that will offer up new music and playlists created automatically based on tastes and current activity. Google will choose the songs it thinks users will like while working out, or it provides tunes for a wild Friday night, or for a quiet Sunday, depending on what music genre they prefer, so suggestions will vary.

Google Play Music has also an offline listening playlist for subscribers, which is located on top of the new UI and playlist tools. This list will contain most recently heard tracks, so that users will listen again some of the songs that they previously discovered. By introducing these new features, Google will make sure that its music service will compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, especially that the former has just released the “Just for You” feature that will offer personalized playlists.

The new update for the Google Play Music will roll out to users in 62 countries.