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Google and Apple are in direct competition in a lot of tech-related categories, varying from mobile operating systems in the form of Android for Google and iOS for Apple, to physical products such as the MacBook laptops and iPhone smartphones for Apple and the Chromebook laptops for Google, alongside their Nexus smartphones. However, despite all the rivalry, they both put business first, and good business for Google means making sure that the Gmail app is up to par for one of its biggest distributors, Apple.

Google has recently updated the Gmail app on iOS devices, implementing an array of new features that are bound to please the Apple customers. One of the most notable features is the Undo Send feature, which allows users to take back any email they might have sent, within the permitting time window. This offers users a chance to undo a mistake or prepare an email for a second draft before sending it for good.

The Undo Send feature isn’t the only thing new in the new Gmail app, as it also features improved performance, and if we are to believe the Google officials, it’s considerably faster now. The elements that made Gmail what it is, including simple to use interface and easy commands, as well as a sleek appearance and responsive infrastructure are still there, only better.

The Google Calendar app has also received a slight overhaul, including Hindu and Jewish calendar for those who are interested in the various holidays and celebratory events going on in those culture.

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