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Some may still recall the initial hype that hit the internet in the period prior to the release of Ubisoft’s The Division. This new take on a third person shooter has fascinated the masses and is now getting a DLC pack that fans have been dying for. Even though Ubisoft still maintains silent despite Xbox’s website displaying publicity for the DLC, one thing known for sure is that the DLC will be arriving in patch 1.5.

The Division DLC, titled Survival, is currently available on the Public Test Servers, ready for anyone that wants to try it in its beta phase. The Public Test Servers are a game’s way of testing out content before it gets sent out to live servers, ensuring performance and stability beforehand. The game is tested with the help of real players that sign up for a spot on the test server, simulating live the live version as closely as possible.

According to a description of the DLC, Survival will focus on a synthetic virus that threats to destroy New York, as it slowly descends into chaos. The Division answers the call and tries to uncover who is behind the virus while also trying to stop their further plans to cause mayhem.

The whole DLC is reported to be 2 hours long, and you will require 24 people to complete the quest. The new Division experience will launch on both Xbox One and PC on November 22nd.

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