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The new WhatsApp version 2.16.16 has been released for iOS devices and it comes with GIF support. Thanks to the new update, users will be able not only to send GIFs on WhatsAPp, but also to send short videos (up to 6 seconds) and Live Photos on the mentioned application.

In addition, the WhatsApp users who have an iPhone are now able to search for GIFs from the Giphy library and send them to their friends from inside the application. To make things even better, the GIFs can also be edited and you are allowed to trim them, add text or even add emoji to them.

If you have some favorite GIFs that you will want to use in the future, you can always “STAR” them in order to have a quick access to them. In order to send Live Photos, you will need to use the 3D Touch feature and send them as a GIF via the “Attach” option. Once you find the Live Photo that you want to send as GIF, you will need to check the “Select as GIF” option.

You can also share GIFs by heading to Photo/Video Library and at the bottom you will notice a “search” symbol with the word “GIF” next to it. Once you tap it, the Giphy library will open and you will be able to start searching for GIFs. To edit a GIF, you will have to tap on it and select the tools that you want to use (such as add text/emoji, crop etc).

It is good to know that WhatsApp has not released a GIF library for Android OS yet, but the feature is expected to be added to the mentioned operating system sometime in the near future.

Will you use the new GIF feature that has been added on WhatsApp application?