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The latest Sims 4 “City Living” expansion pack gave players the chance to explore a new world, and some of them were able to unlock a hidden achievement in one of San Myshuno’s neighborhoods.

The new pack for The Sims 4 brought several new gameplay features, such as new apartments, new hobbies, new careers and festivals, and players have now a bigger world to explore. According to the fansite Sims Community, in one of San Myshuno’s neighborhoods, players have the chance to unlock a hidden achievement named “View All Myshuno Meadows’ Sculptures”. By looking at each sculpture in the park, gamers will receive 25 achievement points, and since there are six different sculptures (two are found near the park’s wedding venue, while the rest are located around the picnic area, the garden, the lake or near the food stalls), gamers can gain up to 150 achievement points.

If they complete the said task, Simmers will not be rewarded with an in-game item or a boost, as the only role of the achievement is to encourage players to explore San Myshuno’s eclectic neighborhoods. On the other hand, players who downloaded the City Living expansion pack are now getting more invitations to events, especially to the game’s “Rabbit Holes” secret events, which are trending party themes. Players are invited to go to underground concerts, to the opera or even to the circus, and their Sims are dressed up accordingly. When a secret event is set to take place in a certain day, the Sims get a call invite in the morning about the scheduled time and then they receive another call to confirm attendance. If they say yes, they disappear before the event kicks in being “teleported” to that place. When the party is over, the Sim reappears.

The Sims 4 is expected to receive another in-game event to celebrate the upcoming holidays, and it’s rumored to be released around the Thanksgiving season.