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Skype has a lot of updates up its sleeves lately. In fact, it has a number of updates for Android, iOS and Windows devices. Here are a number of updates that you might have missed out.

Skype Updates for Mac

  • Version 7.39 – users will be able to hang up on everyone in a call that doesn’t have a host. It also provides some general fixes.
  • Version 7.37 – Skype can now support OS X 10.10+, along with some general fixes.
  • Version 7.36 – it provides an option to set Skype as default device, when you plug in a new Bluetooth or USB device. It also has some general improvements, such as Swift Cards.
  • Version 7.35 – users will not be able to retrieve or save old messages containing video communication anymore.

Skype Update for Windows Desktop

  • Version 7.27 and 7.28 – aside from the general fixes, Skype has been updated to conform to the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

This means that Skype comes pre-installed and ready to use. This update is known as the Skype Preview. Once you use the current version of Skype, you will be prompted to try Skype Preview.

For this reason, you can still use the Skype or the Skype Preview, but only do it one at a time.

Skype Updates for Android

  • Version 7.21 and 7.22 – This version enables users to hang up on everyone just like the update for the Mac. It also has some stability and performance improvements.
  • Version 7.20 – users will now be able to forward multiple pictures from the Gallery, aside from the general fixes.
  • Version 7.15-7.19 – users will have quick access to the profile of the Bot from the messages in group chat. It also has improved one-to-one video calling.
  • Version 7.14 – users will be able to run Skype on Android 7.0 Nougat. It will also be possible to find suggested contacts from other Skype apps.

Skype is always updating to provide reliable and flawless communication for its subscribers. Perhaps it is about time that you update your version of Skype today!