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The life simulation game Sims has gathered a huge fan base for itself over time, and because there are four installments in the game franchise already, people are expecting a new Sims 5 to be released. The last Sims game did not do so well on the market since the game had its fair share of bugs, and it did not bring as many feature updates as players were expecting to have.

The developers have released a new “City Living” DLC in order to bring in more profits to their company, and the development of Sims 5 rests upon the success the DLC is going to have.

City Living DLC

One of the new features that have been added with this new DLC is event festivals. The game has added food stalls during event festivals, and the new food stalls unfortunately, are filled with bugs. Player feedback has pointed out that their sim character would not stop eating from these food stalls, even if the sim character wasn’t hungry anymore.

After a sim finishes eating his ordered food at a food stall, he or she will automatically order another portion. One of the main concerns Sims players have is that their characters are going to gain extra weight, and they are going to have to force them to work out.

Sims 5

As stated previously, the Sims team is not going to start working on another Sims game if the new paid DLC does badly. This is bad news for Sims fans, since the new DLC seems to be having its fair share of bugs, and also it’s not going to bring in too many profits since players that are not happy with Sims 4 already are not willing to pay more money for a DLC. The game’s producer Grant Rodiek has also stated that they are not working on another Sims game, and that they are not even planning for it at the moment.