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Software firmware is a very important integral part of the overall gaming experience on any device. Nothing is different in the case of consoles, as PlayStation offers firmware updates that bring the device’s software up to par with the most current requirements, and also implements new exciting features now and again. It is the company’s way of providing important updates to the customers without them having to buy a whole different console which features the most current. Talking about the latest software in the newest console is a bit ironic in Sony’s case, as they have decided to push out the improved version of the PS4, namely the PS4 Pro, with the 3.70 version of the firmware.

This is not a problem, but more of an inconvenience which is easily solved.  Players must download the new firmware immediately after they go online for the first time. It’s not all bad, as the update will bring the newest features to their already improved PS4 model. Let’s go over some of the improvements players can expect from the 4.05 firmware.

  • Customization options for the Quick Menu, as well as more current game related features available for instant access;
  • Invite your friends and create a party so you can more efficiently game together, also being able to check their online activity;
  • View your trophies for the currently played game;
  • Start streaming your gameplay with the Share Play feature;
  • Organize your games into folders and send your content to another PS4;
  • Rate or comment on another player’s content such as screenshots or videos, letting them know that you dig their stuff.

It seems that users updating to version 4.05 will have some pretty neat features to explore on their new PS4 Pro, so it’s not all for nothing.