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Google Chrome is perhaps the most popular web browser today, with having more than 50% of the browsing market with the rest of the players, Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera and Apple’s Safari, competing with the remaining percentage.

A month ago, Google released the latest version of Chrome (version 54), that comes with bug fixes and other improvements. This will be available for Mac, Windows and Linux users. In line with this, Mac users are being warned about Google’s Adword scams that put them at risk. When a user downloads Chrome even from a link that seems reliable, there is a possibility for malware to enter the system and Adword pop-ups will flood the screen.

Researchers were able to discover the scam and immediately informed Google, which removed the ads almost a week later. Nevertheless, users should still be careful when downloading apps especially those that are downloaded for free.

If the user searches for Google Chrome using “”, they will receive a link that will allow them to download Chrome. However, instead the user getting directed to the website, it will redirect the Mac or the Windows user to different websites before opening the page that offers downloadable Chrome.

While being infected with malware is possible, there are several things the user can do if this occurs. In case this happens to you and ads suddenly fill your computer screen, there is software you can download, the Malwarebytes which will take care of the unwanted apps. Moreover, you can also use other software that are also capable of removing malware.

With the new downloadable Chrome version, one of the distinctive changes is the automatic usage of HTML 5 for a Flash embed for YouTube which will reduce the use of Flash in Google Chrome.

Meanwhile, by December, there will again be a Chrome update for Macs and PCs that will make browsing faster and reduce battery consumption.