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Nintendo is on the brink of releasing one of the most innovative pieces of hardware in gaming console history, as the new upcoming Nintendo NX has been officially renamed the Nintendo Switch. The Switch features unprecedented mobility, with the option of switching (hence the name) between mobile and traditional console gaming at will. The Switch offers its users the possibility of transforming the home gaming system into a portable console, allowing them to take their adventures on the road, and continuing right where they left off at home.

This week, the company behind the innovation, Nintendo, has released the preview trailer, giving users the first glimpses of the Switch, which will feature both multiplayer and single player experiences. While an official announcement has not been yet made, rumors have fans believe that Nintendo is planning on releasing the console with a starting price of $300, or $399 for bundles, like in the case of the Wii U Deluxe.

While split-screen gameplay doesn’t seem to be available for the Nintendo Switch, users will however be able to connect two devices for multiplayer action. The controls on both sides can be removed and used as miniature remote gaming controllers, which is something new on the console stage.

Nintendo wants to make sure its customers know that the Switch is intended as a serious console and not just a cheap gimmick, so in its preview trailer it showcased some of the titles that will be available for the Switch, while also mentioning that it is giving game developers a lot of freedom to make titles supported by the Switch.  The list includes an NBA title, the notorious RPG Skyrim, games from the Mario universe such as Super Mario and Mario Kart, and of course, a necessary installment from the Legend of Zelda franchise, namely Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.