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Google Earth, also referred to as virtual globe, is a geobrowser that allows users to see cities and locations from an oblique view. It gives the view of the Earth’s surface in 2D and 3D images, including terrains and structures. However, there is another version known as Google Earth Pro.

While Google Earth is for personal and home use, the other version, the Pro, is intended for commercial purposes as well. The latter used to require purchase while the former can be downloaded for free. However, after sometime, Google Earth Pro is now for free. And although both have the same basic features, there are other possibilities with using the Pro version that you will find interesting.

Aside from the similar features it shares with Google Earth, Google Earth Pro also allows users to import data, measure radius and areas and advanced printing modules via add-on software. It can also useful for travelers using map-making tools.  The Pro can also be used to record a tour you make and share it to the community online. However, both versions are available for download to Mac and Windows.

In terms of image base, the two versions are just the same but Google Pro offers additional tools that can be used for commercial applications. With Google Earth, images are in print resolution while for the Pro, it gives out premium high resolution. For locating geographic locations, it is done manually in the first version. Conversely, this is automatic with the second version.

Other differences between the two include allowable imported files in which Google Earth allows importation of up to max texture size while the Pro offers Super Image Overlays. Moreover, Google Earth Pro allows for multi-mapping of points and access different data layers, such as, graphic, traffic and demographic.

With all the features presented, it is clear that Google Earth Pro is a better option although users will have to sign up using the email address of Google Earth.