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A lot of people have been getting frenzy about the possibility of adding Instant Games to the Facebook Messenger app that should allow friends to play through the app. Rumors have been surrounding the Web regarding the preparation made by Facebook Messenger to launch an instant game platform within the app.

As a matter of fact, one of the instant games named Suffle Cats Mini is being tested in New Zealand by the developer of a hit mobile app called Candy Crush. King.Com has been testing this app just as it once launched their record-breaking game on Facebook. Reports say that other instant game developers are likewise preparing for the launching of instant games on Facebook Messenger.

According to rumors, Facebook was largely shut out from the native mobile gaming environment by Android and iOS. However, this new platform update will help Facebook drive users to the Messenger app by building games into its application.

Basically, Facebook friends will be able to play instant games in the application and they will be able to compete or challenge their friends online. This will potentially give Facebook a cut in terms of in-game purchases such as apps that can be downloaded via the Play Store or App Store.

Although there are no confirmations made by Facebook as of the moment, many people are looking forward for this significant Facebook Messenger update. However, this is still in the works that may not be stable for public release yet.

Part of this update are the instant games such as soccer, chess, and basketball, which allow users to compete with friends or via group chat the moment they tap the emojis of the said games. Facebook Messenger users need not worry about slowing down their devices when using instant games because these are just lightweight.