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Signing up for Gmail is easy and it’s free. Thus, you need to create your own personal Google account before you can take advantage of the benefits. Here are steps that you can mimic when you decide to sign up for Gmail.

  • You simply have to visit the Google Account sign up page
  • You need to follow the steps presented on the screen so that you can complete setting up your account.
  • Once you have created your Google Account, you can use it for signing in to Gmail from any device, such as smartphone, tablet, and computer.

When filling up for the information upon signing up, you might discover that the username you just entered was already taken. Here are the reasons why you can’t proceed to the next step.

  • Your choice of characters making up your username is already being used elsewhere.
  • The username that you have supplied is very close to the existing username. This means that even if you practically used a unique username this time, it shows a very high similarity with an existing one.
  • Once the username has already been used in the past, even if that account was already deleted, it will no longer be available.
  • Google reserves the right to prevent abuse or spam messages and that account name was already among the reserved usernames that you are not allowed to use.

Take note that your Google account can be used to sign in to its email service, as well as other Google products such as Google Drive, Google Play, and YouTube. All you need to do is to sign up once and then you are good to go. You simply have to follow the guidelines set by Google if you want to get things done in no time. Likewise, you should be responsible for your own safety by disallowing spam and other suspicious senders to take advantage of you.