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Every Clash of Clans player is waiting for December to come, and the only reason for that is because Supercell is going to release a new update. The new December patch is supposedly going to bring new ship, sea creature and many more new features. The most important feature that the new update is going to feature is the Goblin vs. Wizard battle.

Clash of Clans fans are speculating that Supercell is going to roll out the new patch on November 16th. The patch is going to change the look of the majority of Clash of Clans character. Another exciting feature is the addition of sea levels, since they are going to add new ships and mermaids characters to the game.

Air defenses are going to receive some major changes as well. The multi target and single target air defenses are going to be updated, and this means that defenses during the Town Hall 11 are going to be come so much stronger.

The Goblin vs. Wizard battle is highly anticipated by Clash of Clans fans, but sadly Supercell did not release any additional information about what we can expect. Rumors surrounding the new update are pointing out the fact that the Red Barbarian King and Red Archer Queen are going to be available with every purchase.

Players are going to be able to repair shipwrecks after the new update drops. Repairing shipwrecks is going to reward players with more coins and gems. This new feature has yet to be confirmed by Supercell, but in case they add this feature, the game is going to become more interesting.

Supercell, the developer and producer of the successful mobile game Clash of Clans did not confirm the official release date for the patch, but we can expect the patch to be released on the 1st of December at max.