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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app available right now. The app has over one billion active user base and it has gathered a huge following in the last six years since it was first released. Its popularity got the app to the point that it even presented a real threat to Facebook, and for that reason Facebook decided to buy the app for the huge amount of $19.3 billion. One of the factors behind its popularity is that it is a cross platform app, being available for iOS, Android and Windows phone users.

To keep its users interested in the app, WhatsApp is releasing new updates every now and then. WhatsApp is one of the only apps that has been paying close attention to Windows Phone devices, releasing new updates in order to keep increasing their user base.

There are rumors regarding a new WhatsApp update for Mobile Phone device owners, that is going to improve their security. Reports from the website MicrosoftInsider have released information that said WhatsApp is going to implement two step authentication. The two step authentication is going provide the user with another layer of security such as security codes that are sent to the user’s mobile device.

This update is going to significantly increase the security WhatsApp provides to its users. The new two step verification system is going to decrease the threat hackers present. Hackers are not going to be able to break into users’ accounts anymore.

The time when this new security patch update is going to be rolled out to Mobile Phone owners has yet to be confirmed by WhatsApp, but we can expect them to announce it soon enough. Considering the information MicrosoftInsider has released, it should not take WhatsApp too much time before they release the app update.

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