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Before you can determine if your device is set for automatic updates, you need to make sure that is properly set up. For Android smartphone users, here is how you are going to update your WhatsApp mobile app manually.

  • Simply visit the Play Store and search for WhatsApp Messenger on your list of installed apps. A number of apps will show up on this list, from the most recent to the oldest.
  • You can tap on it to see the features for updating your app.
  • Select the Menu button highlighted by the 3 horizontal bars on the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Choose My App so that you can see the list of apps you have installed.
  • Select the WhatsApp icon from the list in the Updates section.
  • Notice an Update mark next to the app name. This means that there is available update for your app. Choose the one for the WhatsApp icon.
  • You have to update and accept it and it will automatically complete.

If you can’t find the update mark next to the name of the app, and found the Installed mark instead then your app has already been updated. No need to update it for now. However, there is a good option to save you the hassle of installing updates manually. This can be done via an automatic update system for any app you have on your device.

  • Just open the Play Store and select the Menu button, then
  • Tap Settings from the menu that appears,
  • Select Automatic Update App, and
  • Put a check mark next to it and choose Only Via Wi-Fi.

This will only update when you are not using your data plan. So any update will not automatically download unless you will be connected via Wi-Fi. Thus, you will not incur any additional charges on your data plan.

Take note that newer versions of WhatsApp for Android devices will enable you to back up your chat logs automatically to the Google Drive. You simply have to go to Menu then you tap Settings option, then Chat and Calls. At this point, if you like to back up your chats, then you need to go on and tap Chat Backup and choose Google Drive Settings so that you can set things up.