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Webroot manages to stand out by doing the same thing as every other antivirus program should, at least in theory, and that is to offer protection. But the way in which Webroot operates makes it so unique, as it offers great performance and efficiency for a ridiculously low toll on your computer’s resources.  The program is available for $39.99 or for $49.99 if you want three licenses instead of one.

The main Webroot window is easy to read as it offers a user friendly interface, with a button for options and features in the right side. The rest of the panel is covered with useful information and functions, such as a direct link to the Webroot Community forums, where you are invited to pitch in and share your thoughts. There is also a button for initializing a quick scan, although the software scans the computer at installation and every time the scheduled scan pops up. You also get statistics about recent scans and the results of those scans.

One of the things that set Webroot apart from the rest of the bunch is its database. While other security solutions would require the user to constantly download new updates and information, in other words keep the threat database local, in the user’s computer, Webroot uploads everything to their personal cloud platform, making sure that you won’t have to constantly download new updated lists just to keep the program relevant on your machine. Every time a suspect program does something suspicious or unnatural, Webroot takes action and records every movement made by said app. All the recorded information is sent back to HQ where it is analyzed, and then further precautions can be activated, and other actions can be taken depending on what the results say.

This is a great way to keep a machine safe and protected without having to constantly chug updates down its throat and clog it with unnecessary extra software.