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PlayStation 4 Pro is here and now there are more and more gamers who are asking themselves if they should or should not purchase it. Well, the answer is quite easy, if you look at the specifications that it comes with, unfortunately there is always a “BUT”.

If you already own a PlayStation 4 you should NOT worry about purchasing this new console. The original PlayStation 4 and the new slim model will still be good enough to play the upcoming games. Sony is actually trying now to split the player base, as the new console is a just a machine for gamers that want more power.

One of the reasons why you should want to purchase the PlayStation 4 Pro is if you own a 4K TV. However, if you don’t have a TV like that or the specifications of the new PS4 Pro don’t mean too much for you, then you will most likely not want to purchase the new console.

In addition, the PS4 Pro console will allow you to watch the 4K videos that can be found on YouTube and Netflix. However, we remind you that there are not many videos out there have a 4K resolution, so you might need to wait a bit longer until there will be a big library of them.

It is good to know that the PS4 Pro is NOT able to play ultra HD Blu-ray, a feature that’s available on the Xbox One S console. This means that when it comes to 4K videos on the latest Sony’s console, streaming is the only way.

However, if you don’t own a PlayStation 4 console and you are now looking to purchase a console to play the latest games, then you should go for the PlayStation 4 Pro. While you will not see any changes while playing games, the 4K videos will surely attract you in the future. One thing we should remind you once again: make sure that you purchase a 4K TV or else you will not see any difference between the PS4 Pro and the PS4/PS4 Slim consoles.