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Mojang, the developer and producer of the popular game Minecraft has just announced that they are releasing a new update for Minecraft: Pocket and Windows 10 Edition. The 0.16.1 update is focused towards repairing and fixing some known bug errors, in hopes of making the gaming experience feel even better than it already is.

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is exclusive only to Windows 10 users, as its title states. What makes this edition special is that it gives its player the ability to combine the power of the PC with the versatility of an Xbox, giving players the option to use an Xbox controller, keyboard and mouse or even a touch screen display while playing together with Xbox Live friends.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition was launched way back in August 2011 in alpha version for Android powered devices, and in the same year it made its way to Apple’s iOS and to other compatible devices as well. Seeing the success Minecraft had, Microsoft decided to acquire Mojang and make the game compatible to Windows Phone as well. The Windows Phone version of Minecraft includes the basic survival mode of the game, but it does not have all the feature that the PC editions has.

Bug Fixes

The game has some annoying bugs that have been known for a while already. This new update is going to fix the following bugs: game crashing while renaming a map, crashing when creating a new world, realm crash when placing item frames, crashes caused by fire arrows and a few more other not so important bug fixes.

The reason behind Minecraft’s popularity and success is that Minecraft allows the player to do whatever he wants, and it does not set any goals for him to complete. The most popular game mode is the survivor one in which the player has limited amount of resources and he must gather them himself, and build a safe haven to hide from the monsters that lurk in the night.

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