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According to many iOS device users, there are lots of benefits if your device becomes jailbroken. In fact, many iOS device users aim to have their devices jailbroken so that they can bypass any hardware restrictions.

With the release of the iOS 9 jailbreak tool from Pangu, it has gained popularity among users. But despite the perks of running a customized software, there are certain disadvantages for jailbreaking. Here are the reasons why some people prefer not to jailbreak their iOS devices.

It Can Void the Warranty

Aside from the possibility of turning your precious iOS device into a useless piece of brick, the intent to jailbreak will violate Apple’s End User License Agreement. This type of agreement should offer protection to any iOS gadget that breaks down.

It Can Result to Unstable iOS Version

Jailbroken devices should experience any instability in terms of issues involving sudden reboots. Likewise, the device can go into Safe Mode, as well as other interference. More or less, it is a hassle among users to get into this type of mess.

Updating to iOS 9.1 Is Not Possible

It is important to note that jailbreaking can make things a bit easier in terms of user experience. However, it can point out to some security issues, including the inability to update to a newer version. Not to mention, compatibility is also another issue that can affect the reliability of the device.

Absence of Mac Support

When an iOS device has been jailbroken, Mac computers will no longer support it. So whenever you connect your device to a Mac, it can lead to connectivity issues. However, it can be accessible via a Windows PC, which can lead to more security vulnerabilities.

The iOS 9 jailbreak has been the topic in many conversations involving Apple device users. In fact, it has been one of the most anticipated jailbreak version in history. However, this might have several issues that could jeopardize your iOS device sooner if not later.