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It might not be everyone, but people may have sent messages that they wished they haven’t done to friends, bosses, exes, or relatives. Well, that feeling of regret might just be undone, because Google has finally unveiled a function that should allow users to undo any embarrassing or controversial emails sent to just about anyone.

Email mistakes can now be prevented with the move made by Google, which is referred to as a safety net. The tech giant just announced an update of its Gmail app to the iOS version running on iPhones and iPads. This was reportedly the most significant overhaul that the company has made in about four years.

It will still be the Gmail that everyone loves, having a newer look, new features, and sleeker transitions. Moreover, things will be a lot easier this time, whether you are just trying to go through your inbox on a busy day, or simply trying to find a message from a friend sent a month ago.

Additionally, this update to the Gmail app will feature better search function as well as different improvements on the interface. It also offers changes to its Calendar app. Users of Gmail’s desktop app can now unsend emails. However, it will be the first time that this function will be available on mobile phones.

For now, the Gmail update is only iOS-compatible, which means that the undo send feature will just be available for Apple subscribers. More aspects of the app have also been improved, which will lead to a faster utility overall. Moreover, it provides faster notification from Gmail with its previous version. It also provides spelling suggestions so that users can now swipe on the email to delete or archive an email. Basically, the app is free, but it will require at least iOS 8 firmware version to be able to enjoy this new update.