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Square Enix has recently launched the Final Fantasy XV Judgment disc demo, the bad part is that it’s available only in Japan. Square Enix decided to release the demo of the game only in Japan because that’s where the biggest Final Fantasy fan base is. Gamers that live in different regions of the world are desperately trying to get their hands on the copy of the game, to get a peek of what’s to come.

The game can be downloaded by other regions after going through some hoops, but the menu of the game is still in Japanese. The Final Fantasy subredit was filled with screenshots from the demo, and lucky enough there were some Japanese speaking gamers on Reddit to help us translate the screenshots.

The first interesting feature we have come across is the HDR option, and this means that Square Enix has already developed the game to be compatible with the PlayStation 4 Pro, and it can run 4K graphics. Another interesting feature that was found in the demo is that when the player touches the Touchpad section on the PS4 controller a set of options like the Equipment, Magic and Photo pop up.

The demo got played by millions of fans today and they have discovered a bunch of bugs. Most of the bugs are graphic related, for example bright lights are coming from the Regalia’s headlights, the color of the lake is purple instead of blue and NPC need some more coding as well, since they seem to be filled with bugs.

It was expected that the game demo is going to have some bugs since it isn’t a full version of the game. Square Enix still has enough time left to patch these problems up. The game is going to be released worldwide on November 29th.