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According to new reports, Fallout 4 mods will be finally released for the PlayStation 4 console. Bethesda has also confirmed that the creation kit for this game will now support PS4 mods.

Everyone knows that Sony doesn’t rush to release console mods for its console systems, especially for the PlayStation 4. Well, it seems that after several meetings and calls between Bethesda and Sony, Fallout 4 will finally receive MODS on the PlayStation 4, on a future update.

We remind you that MODS have been released for the Fallout 4: PC version when the patch 1.8 has been released. When it comes to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it seems that we need to wait for about a month. So, as soon as this patch will be released, the PS4 system will finally allow Fallout 4 MODS.

The new patch will not only bring Fallout 4 MODS to PlayStation 4, but instead it will also fix several issues that the game has on the mentioned console. One of the issues is related to audio while others are related to random crashes that occur while playing this game.

Bethesda has also confirmed on its official website that the Fallout 4 creation kit has been updated recently and it will support MODS on the PlayStation 4 console. The players will have to update the creation kit by launching the Bethesda Launcher and letting it download all the files that are needed for the update. However, the game developer has mentioned that the PS4 mods will only be plugins, which means that they will ONLY use internal resources that are already in the game. In other words you will not be able to use MODS that require some external assets such as skins for weapons, NPCs etc.

Are you playing Fallout 4 on your PS4 console? Will you use Fallout 4 MODS once the console will support them?

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