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Want to meet new people on Facebook? The social media website has a new feature that allows you to chat with random strangers, although Messenger Rooms was firstly introduced as a standalone application in December. Facebook has decided to make it part of Messenger and everyone has access to it.

In September, it was discovered a code hidden in the Messenger app hinting that Rooms will be added in the near future and the text found in the code revealed that “rooms are for public conversations about topics and interests. Each Room has a link that can be shared so anyone on Messenger can join the conversation.” At that time, Facebook said that they’re testing Rooms, without giving more details about this feature.

Now, Rooms is available in Australia and Canada, two countries where new products are tested before they are introduced in the US and other parts of the world. Facebook has also told users that there’s a difference between Rooms and Group Chats, as in Rooms, random people chat around various topics without knowing other users, while group chats are usually created by and for family and friends.

For now, only 250 participants are supported, and Rooms can be public or private. Facebook said that “what we’ve found by talking to users is there’s a lot of need for conversations about specific topics. [Rooms] will be for topic-based conversations and so people can talk with others they may not know.” Many people feel inhibited when talking to their friends about common interests and this feature will help them open up in front of strangers.

Facebook has been testing other new features, as well. Messenger Day is a Snapchat Stories clone, while Flash, the Snapchat clone, will be available in emerging markets. There are new features to the in-app camera on Facebook and Messenger that will be added soon, and Instagram has just received its own version of Stories, while WhatsApp is testing Status, which is a Stories clone.

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