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One is a multiplayer sci-fi adventure with a single-player story while the other is a retelling of the First World War’s fictionalized stories. Both were released just weeks apart from each other. And both are available on the same platforms: PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Battlefield 1 was released on October 21 and features events, weapons and people from World War I – accurate ones at that – for a campaign. It’s a multiplayer game where users participate in large-scale battles.

Titanfall 2, on the other hand, was released on October 28 and is the follow-up to Titanfall, the multiplayer game where users are a pilot called Jack Cooper who controls a huge robot (a Titan). The current release is played in sci-fi world that lets users make use of the pilot’s parkour abilities. But this game differs from the previous one by including a first-person story for the pilot.

The holiday season is fast approaching, and these two games are some of best gift suggestions for the video game lover in your life. But which one should you choose? Should you pick the game that uses a historical event as the background of its campaign? Or would you go for the game featuring an extremely acrobatic pilot with a huge robot for a companion? Let’s look at a couple of factors:


While all three do look visually attractive, Battlefield 1 takes the cake here. The game is available on three platforms, and it looks stunning on all of them. Although the frame rate suffers on consoles during online firefights, it still looks quite good.

Single-player mission

This is an area where Titanfall 2 seems better. While the War Stories mission of Battlefield 1 features well-drawn characters and variety in gameplay, it’s just simple. On the other hand, the single-player game of Titanfall 2 has been hailed as a success, particularly for the Effect and Cause mission.

Multiplayer environment

Battlefield 1 has an advantage here because the area to be covered is quite huge but it still looks great. While the first Titanfall featured 15 maps, its successor one only has nine. However, Respawn announced that more will be coming.


A map will be released for Battlefield 1 this December free of charge. However, those with a Premium Pass can get all of the additional maps – 16 of them as well as classes, game modes, weapons and vehicles. Given that Respawn will release all DLC content without the need for a season pass – and no need to pay as well – is cause for celebration.


Set in World War I, Battlefield 1 features a diverse collection of weapons. In addition to that, there are a few vehicles as well. Horses figure as much in gameplay too. The Titan companion is pretty much a weapon in Titanfall 2 as are the parkour skills of the pilot, but other than that, users also have access to different kinds of weapons. Battlefield 1 has an advantage here.

Picking which is better depends on the person you’re giving it to. If they prefer a sci-fi universe, then Titanfall 2 is the best gift. If they like history, then Battlefield 1 is the best choice.