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WhatsApp is a widely popular app that has an immense active user base of over one billion. With such a huge user base the developers need to keep their updates always coming, to be able to keep their user base stable and constantly growing. WhatsApp keeps on improving as time goes by and new features are being added, the user interface is updated, bug fixes are introduced and so on.

The way WhatsApp managed to gather such a massive following is because it’s available on all platforms. The app has been kept active even for older operating systems such as the Symbian S60, S40 and even the Nokia Asha. The majority of WhatsApp users are the owners of Windows Phone, iOS or Android devices, and they are the first ones to receive updates sent out by WhatsApp.

Nokia Asha devices can still be found on the market, but they are mostly sold as secondary devices and users might want to download and install WhatsApp on them. In this post we are going to present to you the way to do that.

WhatsApp Website

The Nokia Asha user can go ahead and download the app directly from WhatsApp’s official website. To do that, all the user has to do is to open up his browser and access the following URL . From there on WhatsApp is going to present the user with all the steps required to install WhatsApp on their device.

Nokia Store

To install the app though the Nokia Store the user has to open the store then click the search icon and type in “S40 WhatsApp messenger”. The app should appear in the search result list. The only thing left to do now is to click the “Install” option and the app will provide the user with instruction on how to install the app.